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Avon American Fashion Thimble Silhouettes Porcelain 1982-1984 Complete Set Used

$60.00 $75.00

Avon Fashion Silhouettes complete set with all original pouches, their boxes and the display rack with box.


Vintage 1982-1984 (currently, 39 years old!)

Preowned condition. I am the original owner of 7 of the thimbles with pouches and boxes. My Mom was selling Avon during this time period and gifted the thimbles to me individually. Somehow, she purchased 2 of the same thimbles but we didn't realize that as they had each been replaced in pouches and boxes after looking at each one and I had forgotten. By the time we had discovered this it was too late to return to AVON for replacement or purchase.. they had been discontinued by then. I eventually searched for the missing thimble. I found it with the pouch but it is a slightly different shade of gray from the rest. The seller was missing the box. I am using my identical thimble box to protect this replacement for the set. (I have that original thimble along with 2 others in separate listings. They do not have boxes).

The porcelain thimbles are approximately 2" high and are each in excellent condition free of any crazing, chips, cracks, splits, breaks or any kind of repairs. They are very clean as they have spent the majority of time in their pouches and boxes. I had these on display very briefly in a glass cabinet but soon considered they could be damaged so I replaced them in their boxes. The boxes are not mint, they have some storage wear but are intact and in decent condition. The boxes each have a great description as well as manufactured date and circa dates. They are also stamped on the thimbles. When you purchase this, you can read about each one. They are AVON circa 1982-1984 but the fashions range from 1890 to 1947. You can read about 3 of them in those separate listings). the pouches are in great condition.. no rips, tears or stains.

The rack was manufactured later but my Mom was no longer selling AVON and it was unavailable. I found one at an Estate Sale, the box and stand were both damaged but I planned to have my husband replace the dowel.. he believed it could be repaired and the stand sanded and re-stained but the repair never happened. You can see scuffs and scratches but the metal wall hanger is intact. I had the thimbles on the rack for a little while in a glass cabinet (no dust) but then later returned them to their boxes and put everything in the wooden display rack and box. As you can see, I've held the box together with hemp thread.

You are paying for the complete set of thimbles in their original dust pouches and boxes (minus the replacement). The ones in separate listings sell for $9.99 each. This price is a great discount being sold as a set rather than individually. If this listing doesn't sell within a certain period of time, I will be listing them separately as well. I prefer to sell the set.

I am not offering a refund on this particular item as they are fragile, have issues and I don't want them to be further damaged so please read all of my description look at the photos and ask any questions prior to purchase. I have many more photos but can only list 5 here. If you would like to see them, let me know and I'm happy to do that for you.

We are a smoke-free home but we do share it with two kitties so if you have any allergies, please take this into consideration. They have remained in the glass cabinet though.

Thanks for your interest!


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