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Halloween Handcrafted Finger Earrings Fingers and Bones Ice Tray Mold Creepy Cloth Set of 3 New

$20.00 $25.00

This listing is for all 3 items as you see pictured and described.

Spooky and creepy! Very cool ice tray/mold for your Halloween Party or just for family fun! 9 cubes (5 fingers and 4 bones) can be filled with water, soda or jello for jello shots at aprties, too! I like to make my ice cubes for parties using 7up or Ginger Ale. As the cubes melt they enhance the flavor of your punch and NO DILUTING! Also, I fill trays, then empty into a big ziplock bag.. I can keep making them even with only 1 tray and by Halloween, I have a bag or more full. Just a couple of ideas from my house to yours ;)

 The cavities are approximately 2.5" long. x 1" wide.

Not recommended for use in microwave or dishwasher.


New bloody severed dismembered fingers earrings handcrafted by me.

Give them the finger! :D


These are molded rubber fingers. I have a variety of them and they range in size. The pinkie and thumb are approximately 3.7/8". Index and ring finger 4.5" and middle finger 5".These lengths include the jump rings and earring hooks. Please select your finger and length. You can also select silvertone or goldtone jumprings and earring hooks.



You will not receive the fingers in the photos. These are custom order, I do not have them made at this time. Please allow me a day to create them and I will ship the following day (excluding weekends and holidays). Thanks!



1 Pkg. Haunted House Creepy Cloth

This is a very cool looking webbed cloth that you can drape and decorate your haunted home with. These cloths look awesome on your Halloween candy or dining room table. You can stretch them out a little bit, they have holes here and there to add to that authentic old decayed rotting look. I like to use them as background props for some of my halloween pictures.

Shipping with tracking is included in the price.

This is a smoke-free home but we share it with 2 kitties so if you have any allergies, please consider this prior to purchasing.

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