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Halloween Skeleton Body Parts Ice Tray Mold Skeleton Coffin With 3D Moveable 5.5" Skeleton Set of 3

$15.00 $18.00

Dissected skeleton body parts ice tray mold

Spooky! Very cool ice tray/molds for your Halloween party or just for family fun! 1 large dissected skeleton can be filled with water, soda or jello. I like to make my ice cubes for parties using 7up or Ginger Ale. As the cubes melt they enhance the flavor of your punch and NO DILUTING! Also, I fill trays, then empty into a big zip lock bag.. I can keep making them even with only 1 tray and by Halloween, I have a bag or more full. Just a couple of ideas from my house to yours ;)

The skeleton cavities vary with body part. The approximate measurements are as follow:

Head, shin and arm bones and hands are 1.75". Chest and feet 2". 

Not recommended for use in microwave or dishwasher.


1 smoky grey plastic coffin featuring a skeleton on top of it (see photos).

Measurements are approximately 7.5" long X 3.5" at widest part across X 1.5" high. Measurements were taken with the top on.


Skeleton 3D 5.5" Legs Move Doll House Mini Halloween Bone Or Black Silver Goth

Spookify your Halloween party table, haunted doll house, curio cabinet, shelf or ? with this ultra-cool miniature Skeleton.

Available in natural bone or goth black and silver color, the colors of these will vary so you will not get the exact ones shown n these photos but you will really love it, I am sure! Please send a message to let me know which color you prefer or you will receive the natural bone in the first listing. Want one of each? I'm happy to offer a discount, again message me prior to paying and I can modify the price for you,

The skeleton is jointed at the hips so you can sit it down. You can also move it's legs, they swing back and forth. The arms do NOT move though they are soft and flexible. The head moves.. it rotates all the way around like in the exorcist... Yikes!! The skeleton is approximately 5.5" tall and is 3D.

You can dress him/her up in any way you like, I've seen some really fun ones, check out some Pinterest boards to get some cool ideas! It can hang out anywhere, you can add a rope and hang it.. the skies the limit :D

I created dichotomized earrings with these skeletons, Yikes!! $9.99, free shipping! You can find them in a separate listing. Thanks for looking!

Make no "Bones" about it, with free shipping with tracking, this skeleton set is priced to sell!

This is a smoke-free home but we share it with 2 kitties so if you have any allergies, please consider this prior to purchasing.

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