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Avon Bicentennial 1776-1976 Clear Glass Plate With 2 Soaps George & Martha USA


Avon Bicentennial Plate and 2 soaps with "Special Occasion" fragrance (you can still smell the fragrance).


Net WT 3 oz each total WT 6 oz.


I purchased this in 1976 from my Mom who was selling AVON at the time, I am the original and only owner.


This is a truly beautiful clear glass plate with an etched eagle, writing and other details. It's in perfect condition, I've never used it.


The soaps both have areas with "scuff" marks, not a lot, but noticeable. The soaps have never been used but they have aged. They have retained the fragrance.


The box is in very poor beat up condition, I didn't take very good pictures, they don't show everything. Corners are all beat up, mark on box, my fault... I put a sale label on it, then changed my mind. Big mistake.


SO, this is the complete description, I don't believe I left anything out. Of course, the set comes as is. The value (in my opinion) is the plate.


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