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Golden Labrador Retriever With Picture Frame Plush NIP Cottonelle Promotional

$19.99 $21.99

Cottonelle Advertising Promotional Plush Golden Retriever

Brand New! Still in sealed packaging!

This limited edition plush dog was an advertising promo for Cottonelle toilet tissue.

Furrytails, Inc.

The Golden Labrador Retriever is light tan in color. He has embroidered paw pads. The puppy has the Cottonelle tag attached. He's wearing a blue ribbon at the neckline which matches the blue frame.

 The frame has the name brand Cottonelle at the bottom and embroidered paw pads on the corners. How cute! You can put a sweet picture of your own Labrador in the frame :)

The pictures have all been taken with the plush puppy still in the sealed packaging. Brand new, unopened.

Measurements were taken through the the bag as accurately as I could determine. The puppy is approximately 8" from tail to top of head and 4" from toe to tail. Frame is approximately 4" x 5" and holds a photo 2.75" x 2".

All new materials, polyester filling.

Compare my price with the used ones at.. I believe this is a fair price for this undated, but I believe vintage puppy.

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