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Doll Wooden Rocking Chair 11"x 6" Solid Wood Preowned Vintage USA

$40.00 $45.00

Please be aware that my dolls are not included in this listing, they are for description purposes only.

This is a preowned solid wood stained brown rocking chair in very good overall condition. The underside leg spindle on the left rear was broken but has been repaired. Sadly the repair wasn't aesthetically pleasing (doesn't look great) but it fixed the chair. Because the repair is underneath, it is not noticeable in any way. The photos do not clearly show this. I will take a better close-up photo of the repair at the first opportunity I have or if you would like to purchase this before I do, I will make sure to have that for you. Also, the wood is not smooth all over, it is rough in areas but nothing sharp and it will not scratch you. I'm just trying to be as descriptive as possible, I am pretty picky when it comes to that. If I have overseen or left anything out, please be sure and ask questions.

The approximate measurements (overall) 11.5" X 5.5". (Rockers on bottom) 9.5" X 1/2". (Arms) 4" X 1/2". (Seat) 5.5" X 4" X 1/2". (Tall spindles on back rest) 8". (Dowel spindles) 6.25". (Short spindles on bottom) 2.5".

I've included photos to give you an idea of the size. My porcelain doll is 18". Barbie is the standard 11". I would guess that this chair would be well suited for a 15"-16" doll since my porcelain one is too large and my Barbie is too small. I will leave that up to you to determine correctly.

I will pay partial shipping, your part is $10.00

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