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Time Out Doll Chair Press Wood Pressboard Preowned 11" X 7.5" Good Condition

$30.00 $35.00

This is a preowned doll chair in good condition. (better than poor but less than very good). The chair is solid & sturdy but it has had repairs and it needs more repairs.

The front chair back is missing two plugs, the screws are visible. The boards on the right side are splitting. The left side, one of them has been repaired. The underside of the split/repair board has also been repaired. The back of the chair is chipped. The wood is actually press wood/pressboard so there are no sharp edges or splinters. I've seen other listings calling this wood. Yes it is, but I want to be clear on exactly what you are getting.. this is not solid wood.

I've included close-up photos to show you.

The doll I am showing is not included in this listing and not for sale, she's in my own collection. I'm using her as my model. She is approximately 17" so the photos with her are meant as part of the description to show you the size of the chair.

This chair was originally sold with a porcelin doll as a set... sadly, I gave the doll away a few years ago.

The approximate measurements of the chair are 11" high X 7" wide. 7.5" on the seat boards.

I don't know the age or manufacturer, the chair is unmarked but there is a label that says Chiina.

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