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Nasco The Authentic Hello Dolly! Doll Carol Channing Vintage 1964 Original Box

$299.99 $349.99

 The Authentic Hello, Dolly! Doll Inspired by David Merrick's 1964 Musical Comedy Hit Starring Carol Channing

An Original Doll by NASCO, Brooklyn, N.Y.

This is a vintage 1964 Hello Dolly doll of Carol Channing. The doll resembles the original Barbie style and is approximately 11" high.

I found Dolly in a local vintage & antique shop. I didn't notice at the time but she has a musty odor. I've been looking into information on how to remove that. If you are interested I'm happy to share.

Dolly comes with her original box. The box itself is in great condition with no significant rips or tears except one very tiny seen on the corner of the upper right. The original shrink wrap is torn and coming off in several areas, I've taken many photos to clearly show you. The photos are part of the description.

I am only allocated 5 photos here, Dolly is also listed at my Bonanza store where I have 15. Also, please feel free to contact me via my email if you wish to see more photos. I can send them from there.

Dolly is in excellent very clean condition. The feathers in her hat are bright red, they have not faded in any way. It appears that her shoes fell out some time ago and were replaced with the blue ones you see taped on the back. Dolly's original shoes were red.

This doll is being sold "as is". Please be very sure that you have read everything, examined the photos closely and asked any questions prior to purchasing her as I will not be offering a refund for this.

This doll is extremely rare, especially with the box in this condition and Dolly still attached to it! I've seen very few in the past and most looked in pretty poor condition or without a box, they each sold for a high price.

Dolly will be shipped free via USPS Priority mail and insured for the full price you have paid for her.


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