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New Handmade Unique Miniature Wooden Clothespin Laundry Earrings 1 Pair Choose Color


1 Pair New Handmade Unique Novelty Miniature Wooden Clothespin Earrings Choose Color

These are so fun!! From my newest Novelty Earring Collection, I offer these very cute little wooden clothespin earrings. They are really clothespins! They open just like any regular clothespin.. I've added pictures to show you.

The listing is for one pair of earrings only, please choose color. they are currently available in red , yellow, orange, purple and forest green.  Please select color

I think these would be fun to wear anytime! They would sure be unique for laundry day whether you use a laundromat or not. Perfect for Goth... The dark purple are pretty awesome! I could picture these as a Baby Shower gift for the Mom to be, especially if she uses those old-fashioned (like me) cloth diapers. Have you ever been to a Baby Shower and played the cute Clothespin Game where you grab as many off the line with one hand.. it's pretty wild! Lots of laughs.:D I also  think this would be a really fun accessory for a super-cool Halloween costume!! Whatever reason you would want to wear them, they are certainly unique!! I just love fun earrings.. how about you??

 The approx. over-all size including the earring wires is 1-3/4" long.


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