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Coos Bay Oregon House of Myrtlewood Dish Tidbit Tray Bowl Container With Brass Handle


Oregon Myrtlewood Handled Dish, Tidbit Tray

This beautiful dish was handcrafted by The House of Myrtlewood in Coos Bay, Oregon. They boast this as "The Rarest of All Woods". It's a gorgeous color of wood with a nice sheen and in very good used condition. The tag is worn at the bottom but still fully legible. I don't know the age, I purchased this from an estate sale. When you hold it in the light you can see some little tiny pit marks and there is some light scratching, not very noticeable but indeed it is there. It has a brass handle in the center.

Occasional light oiling with olive oil or vegetable oil enhances and protects the wood naturally with time and use.

This dish measures approx.  8" wide x 2" high. With The brass handle it's  approx. 4-3/4" high.


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