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Vintage Collectible Avon Porcelain Fashion Silhouette Thimble 1983 Circa 1923


This lovely lady is an AVON collectible thimble. She came from a set of 8 titled "Fashion Silhouettes".

Stamped on the inside of thimble is Avon 1983 and circa 1923.

"The 1920's... an age when the pursuit of happiness was the rage. Hemlines and hair styles got shorter, and movies influenced fashion's silhouettes. The 1923 screening of "The Three Muskateers" made the cavalier-style hat the height of fashion - as seen here, hand-crafted in porcelain, in the "1923 American Fashion Thimble".

The thimble is in excellent condition. I'm sorry, but I do not have the pouch or box it originally came in.

This collectible thimble sold for $9.99 in 1983.

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