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New Handcrafted Dichroic Glass Earrings With Faceted Crystals and Rondelle Beads


New Handcrafted Dichroic Fused Glass Earrings W ith Faceted Crystals & Brass Rondelle Beads

This is an exquisite pair of beautiful earrings created by my friend Eva. She is a local Artisan here in Northern CA.

These earrings feature teardrop shaped Dichroic Glass. The colors are a shiny metallic gold with deep blue and yellow swirls. They are paired with faceted golden color crystal beads. The smaller brass Rondelle beads are  also faceted and Eva also used black seed  beads.

The earrings are approx. 3" long.

The earring wires are a nice quality and non-tarnishing. I also have .925 silver wires available if you prefer, please let me know and I can switch them for you.

I love this pair of earrings and I think Eva did a beautiful job creating them. We hope you like them as well!

The earrings will come in a nice gift box.


Thanks for visiting my web store here today!


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