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Handcrafted Custom Made Wire Wrapped Gemstone Adjustable Black Cord Necklace


Who is "Rock On by Audi" and why did I select this name for my store?

I've always loved stones and crystals! They have been used for ornamentation and as a symbol of power for thousands of years. they are valued for much more than their beauty - they each have a sacred meaning. In ancient cultures their healing properties were as important as their ability to adorn.

I wanted to create a simple and inexpensive way to wear them. I've seen some beautiful wire-wrapped jewelry, and often with a high price tag. I wanted to make something for the rest of us, who can't pay top dollar, but want beautiful quality hand-crafted jewelry that also speaks to us. As for the name, it simply means wearable rocks... Rock On! These were the beginning........

From my "Rock On" Collection, I offer these hand-crafted, wire-wrapped necklaces. I will wrap your choice of 2 stones with either brass, copper, or black wire to create a special and unique necklace, just for you!

Each necklace comes with an adjustable black cord.

The pictures on this listing are some of the necklaces I have previously made and sold. They are shown here as examples.

My Selection of Gemstones include:

Agates (Banded, Botswana, Moss, Red)

Amazonite, Amethyst

Carnelian, Citrine



Jasper (Brecciated, Picture, Red, Orbicular, Yellow)


Obsidian Snowflake

Quartz (Clear, Rose, Rutilated (Angel Hair), Smoky)


Tigers Eye, Tiger Iron, Turquoise


Some of the stones I have are very limited in quantity! Please inquire prior to purchase to make sure it is still in stock as I also sell at events.

All necklaces I make are cleansed with water and sage!

I included a picture of a custom order I did for a customer awhile back. Prices vary for custom orders, depending on your choice of stones. What can I create for you? Let's chat! :)


Thanks for visiting my Web Store today.


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