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J.T. Snow 1B SF Giants Baseball Pacific Card In Plaque With Brass Nameplate


Collectible J.T. Snow SF Giants Pacific Card 1B In Plaque With Brass Name Plate

*Baseball is NOT included BUT I have a surprise thank you gift with this item & I believe you will really like it!!

This press wood frame holds a Pacific 1B (1st base) card which is protected by a clear plexiglass cover (I'm not sure but I believe it's plexiglass... I may be wrong as I'm not an expert on these type of frames). There is a brass name plate at the bottom as you can see in the pictures.

The frame measures approximately 4.5" wide x 6.5" high and is ready to be hung.

I asked my (late) neighbor who was a retired baseball player (pitcher) for the Washington Senators, 1949-1950 to help me determine the value of this item. He & his wife were so helpful and showed me similar ones like this. They said that they believed this would greatly increase in value over time and I should hold on to it for awhile. I really would rather sell it to someone who is a collector of J.T. Snow and would love to own this.

The card has been kept in mint condition within the frame. The frame itself is in excellent condition, though not perfect. There are very faint scratches on the right side, top corner and one at the bottom of the frame.
If you hold and turn this in the light, you will find some surface scratches on the plexiglass. These are not deep. I'm including closeups of this in pictures, please keep in mind that these are enlarged immensely and the scratches are quite smaller.

I don't know the year of this particular card, however, I do know that he played for the Giants from 1997-2005.

I'm describing this item to the best of my knowledge and ability. I do not know the item specifics and how to rate this so have left those questions unanswered.


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